Monday, August 22, 2011

Three Weeks Later...

On July 26, 2011 representatives from the Ministry of Health in Puriscal, Costa Rica threatened to take our friends' children by force. Since then, all has been quiet. Quiet is not at all the same as calm. During this time, our friends have been living with total insecurity; they have no sanctuary. Eager to engage in a dialogue, our friends have submitted another document to the Ministry of Health....

Submitted August 19, 2011 Translated to English:

Attn: Mr. Cerdas , Sra Fernandez, Ministry of health officials, Sra. Duran, PANI officials, and other interested parties;
After our dealings with the Ministry of health officials , we have in good faith presented prompt written answers , affidavits and constructive notices to remedy the Ministry of Health's grievance by providing proper legal venues and reasoning for them to rest their issue. These officials have put us under a great deal of duress and coercion. However, after seeking counsel on the matter we have overcome the fear of physical threats imposed by these officials and their associates and recognize that further attempts at open dialogue must be re-established in order to offer forgiveness to these officials for their transgressions of law.
We do recognize that these officials are paid to follow their mandates created by their superiors. Following orders faithfully and undauntedly with complete obedience to the employer is the sign of a good and faithful employee. Possibly it is not part of these officials' job descriptions to understand greater law such as Biblical scripture and constitutional law. We recognize that all of the officials we have dealt with are 'just doing their jobs'. By his own admission, Mr. Cerdas is a ' public servant' and the ministry he represents is under constitutional law. This admission goes far in the establishment of a proper remedy at law.
The nature of the encounters with these authorities has reached levels of gross intimidation and lack of of proper process. The officials have refrained from answering to any affidavits or constructive notices by written account in regard to the nature of the God of Israel's commandments and superiority over them . It is typical in constitutional republics that any governing ministry must act in accordance with the Law of God. and as such requires consent via civil contract. In this way the individual in question permits government to act outside of God's instruction regarding matters of limited liability and insurance programs. It is common in constitutional republics that a ' religious exemption' be made available to those who have otherwise contracted with the government.
'Impossibilium nulla obligatio est.'
We take the opportunity to ask the ministry whether such a ' religious exemption' exists. This would go far in supporting article 75 of the Political Constitution of Costa Rica.
We understand that in Costa Rica anomalies such as us are so rare, that a 'religious exemption ' may not be widely understood by ministry officials. We would like to take this opportunity to make well known publicly and to the ministry that we already have expressed Biblical prohibitions by way of constructive notices and other communiques on the matters of vaccines and other ' free' health care offers. (Entered May 23rd, June 29th, June 30th, July 11th, and July 28th, all of 2011).
Such an exemption would provide remedy for the officials in question , that they would be able to return to their normal course of duty without defect on their record if such protocols are enacted.
I trust that this opportunity remedies the ministry officials' grievance in favor of a lawful resolution over intimidation and force. I further trust that these officials who serve their ministry, recognize that the constitution ( articles 11, 25, 27, 75) are rules that apply to the ministry and its members. This has been stated repeatedly but obviously not superfluously. ' Non sunt longa ubi nihil est quod demere possis.'
The answer to this inquiry should be respectfully available to me at your office within a reasonable time of three working days, when I will have them picked up.
If Doctor Cerdas, Sra Fernandez, or Sra Duran require more time to answer, an extension may be granted upon your request.

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Holly said...

I suppose it's too much to hope for that this whole situation would just go away.